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Few Changes in Life

I want to start writing again after sometime. Couple of new things on personal life.
As i wrote on previous post, sold my corolla car and after finding of months, selected Honda fitarea. It was awesome… Good fuel consumption… Got 18km per liter on outstation.. And this didn’t give me the feeling of driving auto.

But… Just after few days, got a job offer at UAE. What can i do…. Was thinking and thinking.. Finally decided to accept and move to UAE.. Anyway i wanted to keep the car and plan was to give it for rent till i come back. But last moment got a buyer and sadly sold it.

So now im at dubai…

when it comes to the career… Got good company. good peoples from different countries.. And interesting hardware related projects. Mostly working with GPS devices, RFID and RFID printers, Handheld devices, gps modem, camera..  so far so good…