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In to Thirties

September 1, 2012 Leave a comment

It is 30th birth day of myself. Not like any other birthdays or any other life events i passed, i am feeling about my parents today.

How many things they have done, they have compromise for me for these 30 years. Actually that is what they still do. (Letting their children to go away for their good, without saying any single word is the best sacrifice a parent can do, as i think).  Sometimes that sannasgala’s famous article about his mother is coming in to mind. As he explained, is this the ‘Missing time’ of anyone’s life. According to my knowledge, only what they want is been with their children. hmmmm

The idea of this post is to say

Amme, Thaththe….

I,m glad that you both are the best parent in the world i could have,   If i have succeeded in any thing i have done during last 30 years, it is all because of you and your support, kindness, patience, guidance , understanding (very specially). I am really sorry for not been with you and at least not been able to stay in the country where you are. I know, it is unfair to say “Thank you” for the effort you put to grown me up to 30 years. But… Thank you for been my parents and taking care of myself this far and expecting to be taken care of you two as your “Chooty Putha“, every day…’




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Few Changes in Life

I want to start writing again after sometime. Couple of new things on personal life.
As i wrote on previous post, sold my corolla car and after finding of months, selected Honda fitarea. It was awesome… Good fuel consumption… Got 18km per liter on outstation.. And this didn’t give me the feeling of driving auto.

But… Just after few days, got a job offer at UAE. What can i do…. Was thinking and thinking.. Finally decided to accept and move to UAE.. Anyway i wanted to keep the car and plan was to give it for rent till i come back. But last moment got a buyer and sadly sold it.

So now im at dubai…

when it comes to the career… Got good company. good peoples from different countries.. And interesting hardware related projects. Mostly working with GPS devices, RFID and RFID printers, Handheld devices, gps modem, camera..  so far so good…

Good Bye…!

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Previously it was my first vehicle, bike.  this time, it was my first car. it was gone last week. reason was nothing else. just upgrade. and also it was bit old now. it was very sad moment when he’s going away with my car. i used it almost 3 years. except one accident (that also hit from back), i have’t met any small accident for this 3 years. would be good for first vehicle.not even that, all the buyers said, i have taken care of the vehicle well and it’s the best condition ar they had seen so far for this aged vehicle.

but now, i  still have no idea what should i buy now. hatch back model, sedan model. any way there MUST be few things.

1. definitely it should be AUTO. (i love to drive manual. but not in colombo. 🙂 )

2. YOM should be greater than 2003.

3. colour should not be white.

4. no of owners should be less than 2.

5. Mileage (true that it would not easy to find genuine milage) should be less than 60k – 70k

that’s it. nothing much to care. will see if i get any vehicle which have above conditions true.

Good Bye AE 110.

AE110 - 301-1419

Search file sharing Files

Uri uri = new Uri("" +
fileNameTextBox.Text + "+site%3A" + comboBoxSite.Text);
string target = uri.AbsoluteUri;
//start browser
catch(System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception noBrowser)
if (noBrowser.ErrorCode == -2147467259)
catch (Exception other)
this is a small tool which I was thinking to write few months back. it delayed. today I got bit free time and just done it. true this is very small one. just a one line of code. Smile but as I know most of the time mediafire gave me 99% of the songs I wanted to download. and it’s the easiest site we can download any file without add and waiting issues.
so every time I used to put my search queries as “track name + Mediafire”. so here I used Google site searching option, build search query and pass to browser. (any of default browser). there you have to select the song and download.

Small Change

i just transfered personal and non technical post to another blog which i,m maintaining.  because i want this to be clean and have only non personal things. i had write some more songs recently on this blog and it is the reason to me to make this decision.  and having idea of writing more on that blog too.


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301 Moved Permanently

these days i,m doing completely new and bit interest project. it is web site which should market the services of my client.  design, develop, domain, hosting and finally SEO. although all other task are not new to me, SEO… i have never done. but now i,m feeling it’s bit interesting. just like playing strategy game. 🙂  so.. these days i,m reading lot about SEO. (but site is not 100% completed yet).

while doing SEO, i found that i need to select one URL of my site to submit SEO. WWW version or non www version. say my site is but people can use just what’s wrong with 2 sites.Well, it leads it to think one of the two sites is showing duplicate content! This would raise a flag with Google’s “duplicate filter”. and also rankings split between two sites rather than one.

we can achieve this by 301 redirection. there are more articles on the web to use this. but most of them are not for ASP.Net. even fro Asp.Net ones are redirecting any page to new page. making use of those  i come up with generic solution.  now i don’t want to check URL version each and every page.  when application (site) start i checked the version of URL (request) and if it’s non WWW, i replace it with WWW.  use Application_BeginRequest method in Global.asax to check when application start.

protected void Application_BeginRequest(object sender, EventArgs e)


if (HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.ToString().ToLower().Contains(“”))


HttpContext.Current.Response.Status = “301 Moved Permanently”;

HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader(“Location”, Request.Url.ToString().ToLower().Replace(”,”));



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Missing you

June 19, 2010 1 comment

this was my first vehicle. even though this is 2 wheel one, this help me lot. can say this is my favorite and most helpful vehicle. than my car. almost 2 years (April 2008  to today) with me and didn’t give any trouble.  i had to do only serveices. not even a single repair. but as a Indian bike, i feel it’s good time to sold it. other reason is now i,m mostly using my car.

i believe he’s a good owner. so good bye.. my pulsar… !

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Small help please… :(

June 1, 2010 1 comment

does anyone know a good place to repair a watch……

some small part of my watch’s belt (small pin which used to connect parts of belt)  was missing 2-3 weeks back and last week when i went home, i just gave this to put that pin to watch repair man in kuliyapitiya. also that shop was famous one in the town for watches. this fucker…  :@ (sorry guys, using bad words) got a bit tight pin and knocked it with hammer . i was thinking that this could do even by myself.  finally he gave it to me and then i show that one side of pin holder (with a hole to hold the pin) was broken. bad luck. at the moment i know that finding or repairing this is impossible. so i didn’t gave this to them, even they asked to keep the watch. just shout at them and left. today i wanted to repair my watch and search all over the Nugegoda. just to fixed this with local part. i know finding same part is very difficult and i hate search at kotuwa (didn’t go there after gov remove the payment shops 🙂 )

every shop  was scared even to get and check the watch. just saying.. මේක රාඩෝ නේ… පොඩ්ඩක් වෙන තැනක බලන්න…  so i,m helpless and just came home.

so can anyone please tell me a place to go for this. this is Rado watch. i know it’s bit expensive. but can’t i find a place in colombo to get small part of this. at least to replace whole belt.

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Good Bye Anu…!

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

You touched the hearts of many,
you presence still linger in our souls,
its so hard to say goodbye,
why so early in life,
even though you are gone,
you’ll never be forgotten,
You’ll be missed by many,
its brings tears to my eyes,
that this is the final goodbye,
rest in peace,
may you live in peace for eternity.

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Shifting to Nugegoda

December 17, 2009 Leave a comment

i was thinking to write since long time. but i couldn’t. one reason is now i don’t have internet connection at home and other is busy schedule.
i changed my residence start of this month. left malabe after 5-6 years. i remember how i went there, how i found a bording place. and last place at malabe. things happened in that time was very important to my life. it was sad to leave there, because there are so many memories with that and now it’s more familiar than my home town. even i know many people at malabe than padiwela or kuliyapitiya. 🙂
now i,m at Nugegoda (Abuldeniya) it’s nice place. up stair. with parking facility for my car. 🙂

btw.. thanks thushara malli.. been really good room mate for almost 4 years.

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