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2012 in review

December 31, 2012 Leave a comment

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 12 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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2011 in review

January 1, 2012 Leave a comment

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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2010 in review

January 2, 2011 Leave a comment

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog :

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Fresher than ever.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 7,200 times in 2010. That’s about 17 full 747s.


In 2010, there were 19 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 53 posts. There were 25 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 2mb. That’s about 2 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was December 22nd with 112 views. The most popular post that day was 2010/2011 Sri Lanka holidays for Microsoft Outlook.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for poya days 2011, avatar motion capture, sri lanka public holidays 2011, and the relationship between the two objects cannot be defined because they are attached to different objectcontext objects..

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


2010/2011 Sri Lanka holidays for Microsoft Outlook January 2010


Page header or footer longer than a page (crystal Report) August 2009


Making of AVATAR-Using Advanced Motion Capture Technology February 2010


Different ObjectContext objects issue with Entity Freamwork July 2010


Airtel Youth plan April 2010
5 comments and 1 Like on,

Airtel Youth plan April 2010
5 comments and 1 Like on,

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2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™

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Airtel Youth plan

April 25, 2010 7 comments

while finding a best Data package FOR ME, today i got a Bharti Airtel connection. 😉 this is prepaid connection. i,m going to activate Youth Plan with it. (still couldn’t activate) i think it’s worth than paying around 2000/= of rental per month.

firstly i used Dialog Unlimited package with FUP. so after 5GB, speed is worst. then i was using Mobitel 3G weekly delight 75. when talking about the speed of mobitel, i can say it is superb. but airtel youth plan is giving 400mb of data for one month for Rs. 100/=while mobitel is giving 200mb of data for 7 days for Rs. 75/=. so let’s try with Airtel too.  if service is okay to me, will go for Airtel unlimited package.

this evening i bought prepaid sim. but i have no idea how to activate this youth plan. (is there a way to do by USSD command like mobitel do it by *071*75*1# ). Airtel site says in FAQ as “Simply reload Rs 25 for weekly plan or Rs 99 for monthly plan.” it seems to be i can’t activate this today. now 11.00 PM. how can i reload this now. 😦 so can anyone please help me with these.

  • i got several SMS when first time use the sim. one of them is this. can anyone explain this to me. what is it saying 419430400 bytes free valume??? others not important to me. 🙂

you get 1000 free SMS dear customer, You have been credited with 200 [hh:mm:ss] local minutes. you get 419430400 bytes free valume

  • how do i activate the youth plan. FQA says Simply reload Rs 25 for weekly plan or Rs 99 for monthly plan. but can’t we do it by prepaid card? and is it should be exactly Rs. 99. ? if so anyone put 99 reload get this facility??
  • are those above mentioned free sms for any network? (anyway this 1000 sms are useless for me. can’t give extra data instead of this 1000 sms 😉 )
  • And i,m really unhappy with Menu Driven SMS of airtel. they send sms one by one for each command. they could get user input and finally could send the answer.
  • finally one funny thing i noticed on Youth Package page. They say
    Facebook browsing Free

    but in FAQ it says,  Facebook home page browsing through your WAP browser will be free 😀

Note: By the way, i tried to call using this sim several times and i couldn’t make a call.just saying disconnecting when calling.  (it says it’s having Rs. 51.00). this is not needed for me. i just checked.

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Making of AVATAR-Using Advanced Motion Capture Technology

February 11, 2010 1 comment

got some images describing how AVATAR is made. thought to share it with you.

for more information, refer these links

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2010/2011 Sri Lanka holidays for Microsoft Outlook

January 11, 2010 8 comments

here i created holiday list for year 2010 and 2011 which can use for outlook calender
use my old post instruction to add this to outlook or mobile

[Sri Lanka] 50
Tamil Thai Pongal Day,2010/1/14
Navam Full Moon Poya Day,2010/1/29
National Day,2010/2/4
Milad-Un-Nabi (Holy Prophet’s Birthday),2010/2/27
Madin Full Moon Poya Day,2010/2/28
Mahasivarathri Day,2010/3/13
Bak Full Moon Poya Day,2010/3/29
Good Friday,2010/4/2
Day Prior to Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day,2010/4/13
Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day,2010/4/14
Adhi Vesak Full Moon Poya Day,2010/4/28
Vesak Full Moon Poya Day,2010/5/27
DayFollowingVesak Full Moon Poya Day,2010/5/28
Poson Full Moon Poya Day,2010/6/25
Esala Full Moon Poya Day,2010/7/25
Nikini Full Moon Poya Day,2010/8/24
Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramazan Festival Day),2010/9/10
Binara Full Moon Poya day,2010/9/22
Vap Full Moon Poya Day,2010/10/22
Deepavali Festival Day,2010/11/5
Id-Ul-Alha (HadjiFestival Day),2010/11/17
Il Full Moon Poya Day,2010/11/21
Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day,2010/12/20
Christmas Day,2010/12/25

Tamil Thai Pongal Day,2011/1/14
Duruthu Full Moon Poya Day,2011/1/19
National Day,2011/2/4
Navam Full Moon Poya Day,2011/2/18
Maha Sivarathri Day,2011/2/23
Milad un-Nabi (Birth of the Prophet),2011/3/9
Medin Full Moon Poya Day,2011/3/19
Day Prior to Sinhala & Tamil New Year Day,2011/4/13
Sinhala & Tamil New Year,2011/4/14
Bak Full Moon Poya Day,2011/4/18
Good Friday,2011/4/22
May Day,2011/5/1
Vesak (Buddha Day),2011/5/10
Vesak (Buddha Day),2011/5/11
Poson Full Moon Poya Day,2011/6/15
Esala Full Moon Poya Day,2011/7/15
Nikini Full Moon Poya Day,2011/8/13
Binara Full Moon Poya Day,2011/9/12
Vap Full Moon Poya Day,2011/10/12
Eid al-Adha (Hadji Festival Day),2011/11/6
Il Full Moon Poya Day,2011/11/10
Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day,2011/12/10
Christmas Day,2011/12/25

(remove space line between 2010 and 2011 holidays)

Date to be confirmed.
All full moon poya days to be confirmed for 2010.
(a) Poya holidays are observed on the day of each full moon. In general, Hindu and Buddhist festivals are declared according to local astronomical observations and it is often only possible to forecast the approximate time of their occurrence.

(b) Some public holidays are followed by an additional holiday for banks only.

(c) Muslim festivals are timed according to local sightings of various phases of the moon and the dates given above are approximations. During the lunar month of Ramadan that precedes Eid al-Fitr, Muslims fast during the day and feast at night and normal business patterns may be interrupted; however, since Sri Lanka is not a predominantly Muslim country restrictions (which travellers may experience elsewhere) are unlikely to cause problems.

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Grrr.. FeedDemon

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

i was using Feed Demon to manage my RSS, since very long time. it had Sync feature and there for i didn’t worry to backup my RSS. it was large collection. last week i formated my office machine and installed new version of Feed Demon.  bad luck. it’s asking Google username and password. Not the FeedDemon username. then i google the problem and got to know that they have stop FeedDemon Sync feature and giving Google Reader Sync. then i tried by installing old version of FeedDemon, it ask FeedDemon username and PW. but FeedDemon can’t validate (simply they don’t have my old login info). finally i need to collect my RSSs one by one. 😦

one forum i show that this don’t remove old RSS. but anyhow i lost my all old RSS links.

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Back to blog

after long time i,m here. lot of things happens last few month or weeks.. most important thing was ending the war. i thought to write about this several times. but i didn’t. because if i wrote what i think, may be white color van will kidnap me. and some of my friend (if they read my blog)  will directly scold me.

i like, i,m happy about ending the war. also i think it should be. but.. there’s a problems. can we end the problem even we end the war. no. never. there should be a solution to this problem. if we all don’t think about this, there will be another praba. unfortunately some of people and political parties try to do the same mistakes again.

in the other  side, soldiers did the work. and others try to get points.  as usual. anyway hope there will not be other ethnic war. 

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Happy New Year to all

Happy Holidays including a very Happy New Year to all. wish we all get Peace full Sri lanka SOON.

this new year is very important to me and my family. because yesterday my ayya (don’t laugh at me. actually his wife.) got baby. he’s boy. this was first baby for our family. so we all happy. later i’ll put some photos here. tomorrow i,m going home after around 4 months. counting hours…


ඔබ සැමට සාමය සතුට සපිරි සුබ වසරක් වේවා..

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