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Good Bye Anu…!

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

You touched the hearts of many,
you presence still linger in our souls,
its so hard to say goodbye,
why so early in life,
even though you are gone,
you’ll never be forgotten,
You’ll be missed by many,
its brings tears to my eyes,
that this is the final goodbye,
rest in peace,
may you live in peace for eternity.

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Refactoring old code and improving performance….?

yesterday i got to prepare a estimate for refactoring code for very old code. old means it has done before i join TT.  and that also done by Swedish leady firstly and our people gone there for some stuff what they couldn’t overcome. so.. i started looking code. it’s horrible. firstly i noticed that very few comments there on Swedish. 😦 and again even variable  are also Swedish. finally i checked the interface just to understand the functionality. W.T.H. …how can when it’s also on Swedish. and this was not a project done by us.  there for there’s no any document to get requirement and functionality. then how we make sure we don’t change any function when refactoring.  thing was i had to get ready estimate anyhow.

again i checked code. tried to understand. here there’s no layered architecture. and db connection all are together. and huge line of code files like 4000-5000 of lines. inline queries on code.  how can say we can Re-factor this. as i  see we need more time than rewriting this. anyway i prepare a estimate and multiply by 2 and send them. 🙂

best thing of here is after prepare a estimate, i was searching Google to know better way of project estimating for agile project. i could find several good articles related to agile project management and scrum. i thought to share those with all my readers.



As we have started to process of getting CMMI level 3 for our company few months back we all were working for that. can you imagine how we prepare for a job interview, we all at office were exactly same during last month. most of us were preparing docs instead of coding. since we were just starting this process, we hadn’t applied CMMI standards for on going project.  yesterday was the last day for our Pre Appraisal process and we were interviewed lastly by Mr. Sanata (guy who comes for QAI). finally that’s finished. but Appraisal will be on may. we have to do lot more.

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End of successful project….

today is the last day for project which i was doing. (there will be maintains)  actually it was finished last week and we were fixing small issues. learnt lot of things related to development and others. because several important things happened at office during  the project time period.  this was too bad project when it was in first phase and now this is the most successful project (here i don’t consider economical matters, just focusing on how we did) in the office. thank you for all who brought this to such a state. really at last working on this was very much pleasure to me. as i know others too.    

really this week was free to me and i started again to work my certification. but not MUCH. 🙂

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SLIIT- after 10 years

February 26, 2009 Leave a comment

convocation of 10th batch of SLIIT is on tomorrow. thank you very much SLIIT for putting me on this position.

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Starting 1st project at teamwork

August 15, 2008 Leave a comment

starting date of sydrugby project is 22nd of september. developing core module is started. heard some stuffs are very new to teamwork too. but i got good opertunuty to work with this kind of intelligent people and i can get more new things to my skills. this would be touff time till finishing this project. but i like.

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i started works with Teamwork technologies on 14th of July. nice, cool place. very good working envirnment. and bla bla… seems to be all well. persons, place, management all.

so how to stay here without going anywhere. because i think i found the place where i should work. so no anymore interviews, applying for jobs, temperary workig. all finish. this is nice place to work and there’s more profesionals who i can learn from.

today there’s a DJ here. no way to join the fun.bcoz, i planed to go home today after long time. so can’t cancel that.

good bye to Infosoft…..
i miss most of dearest friends there.

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leaving infosoft

when i resigning eSenze, what i thought was, i,ll stay with infosoft for at least 1 year and never apply for job…but things had changed with infosoft. i didn’t see the expected working environment there. anyway this was not like this 2 year back. that’s y i joined here. when chandana ayya left the company, me too wanted to change the office.there are other reason too for my resigning. but i was very lazy to go interview againg. if ruwanthi wasn’t there, i would never apply for teamwork such a sudden. anyway thx  ruwanthi for asking me to apply teamwork.

as i know teamwork is best company.. i can learn more…also other all things ok. so tomorrow is last day at infosoft and 14th of Monday i,m startingt work at teamwork….

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we all miss you

he is greatest developer and  dearest friend i have seen… when i join infosoft, i was much happy because of i can work with you. as i know, no one can fill the gap of you. anyway you joined virtusa as consultant. so it’s big achievement in your life. i wish you all the best ayya…

by the way we enjoyed much at the Hilton, on your last day party. can’t forget the fun we get till 3.00 am…


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