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What’s New in Visual Studio TFS 2012

September 9, 2012 Leave a comment

While playing with new TFS which comes with visual studio 2012, i got to know that it is now having more support for agile methodologies.  Rather writing my own post about new TFS 2012, i found a very good and organized article, which describe everything with TFS 2012.

Before buy it, you can try it with . Site itself explaining new features and how to use it. i created test project under TFS Preview, created few test tasks, added few classes on VS under that task, used code review, TRIED with creating with build. Just simple test. but feel new TFS is awesome.

Windows 8

September 8, 2012 Leave a comment

I was using win 8, when they released first developer preview and uninstalled it after few weeks. Reason was it had to be improved lot. lack of usability, poor performance (even though it boot up within few seconds), etc.

recently i had to install Win 8 again for the ‘Win 8 Boot camp’ and used final release of it. (windows_8_x64) Well.. happy to say there is nothing to complain for me. it is awesome. Super fast. (i heard Microsoft rewrote the OS completely). And i was warring about removing the start button. But now i feel it is good change.  Just think how many of you guys use Start menu and go to relevant program and click it.  i have not done this for years. what i really do is click start menu and type the first few letters of what i want to open and press enter. And mostly  used apps like ‘VS’, ‘Chrome’, ‘SQL management studio’, ‘media player’ are already pinned on task bar. So no need to gor for start button. This is the reason they have removed start button and menu. So for me it is good change.

It is true that it is better with touch screen. But still without touch screen, it is not much different and not difficult to use.

There are several improvement i noticed compared to previous version of windows OS. Most of them were already available on Phones.

1. Windows Store – Similar to app store and google play

2. User login – this is bit similar to Android phones login. same as it ask for google account, Win 8 is asking microsoft user login (may be it can skip and use normal user login and password, i used my outlook login). after that same as latest smart phone works, win 8 is syncing with entered login (and if we link FB, G+,.. it will sync those all) and collecting all the contact. Those will display on people app.

3. Improvement on windows explore

4. Reset option

5. Short boot time

6. Changed task manager

I feel that future OS are more focusing in to mobile devices. Currently i am writing my first test App for win 8.

In to Thirties

September 1, 2012 Leave a comment

It is 30th birth day of myself. Not like any other birthdays or any other life events i passed, i am feeling about my parents today.

How many things they have done, they have compromise for me for these 30 years. Actually that is what they still do. (Letting their children to go away for their good, without saying any single word is the best sacrifice a parent can do, as i think).  Sometimes that sannasgala’s famous article about his mother is coming in to mind. As he explained, is this the ‘Missing time’ of anyone’s life. According to my knowledge, only what they want is been with their children. hmmmm

The idea of this post is to say

Amme, Thaththe….

I,m glad that you both are the best parent in the world i could have,   If i have succeeded in any thing i have done during last 30 years, it is all because of you and your support, kindness, patience, guidance , understanding (very specially). I am really sorry for not been with you and at least not been able to stay in the country where you are. I know, it is unfair to say “Thank you” for the effort you put to grown me up to 30 years. But… Thank you for been my parents and taking care of myself this far and expecting to be taken care of you two as your “Chooty Putha“, every day…’




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